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The Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontists (EHASO)

The Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontists (EHASO) grew out of a distinguished Angle School alumni organization begun in 1922. The members were dedicated to Dr. Angle’s goals of excellence and progress in the art and science of orthodontics. In 1930, The Angle Orthodontist was inaugurated by the Angle Society as a means of furthering these aims.

Today, EHASO is a global society which adheres to its founding traditions. Members, drawn from the entire community of orthodontists worldwide, are identified as able and willing contributors to the advancement of orthodontics. Only orthodontists with these qualities are invited into the membership.

The Angle Society presently has only 660 members worldwide, of which approximately five percent of orthodontists in the United States qualify.

Becoming a member of the Angle Society

Membership into the prestigious Angle Society is by invitation only. Only a select few orthodontists are chosen worldwide, and only after displaying academic and clinical excellence. To achieve full membership, chosen orthodontists must complete and present clinical case reports, an oral report, and a written report in a format suitable for publication. Members must continue to present two case reports annually to maintain their standing. 


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